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We have changed Names BUT we're still the same fitness studio in Warrington. If you've followed us for a while now then you will know us as GSElite Fitness. In November 2016, you will also know that I took over the studio and company then with my coaches, I went solo and took over 100%. 

I had to work hard last year to learn everything I didn't know but worked my arse off to build the studio I always wanted and after a long 12 months, even though I wanted to do this earlier but didn't want to upset things straight away, I have decided to move away from GSE and will now be know as Project Sana.

Project is what we do by taking ladies who have spent years and most of their adult lives doing diets and take them away from that by showing and teaching them the healthy lifestyle.

Sana means health and that's what the foundation of everything we do is, we aim to get ALL our members healthy and teach them everything nutrition, lifestyle wise so they can live and lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of the lives.

We have come a long way in 16 months and now feel the time is right to have a fresh start for myself and the studio with a new brand but we are STILL the same, well better but nothing changes from what we do. 

We take all our members in and treat them all as individuals teaching them about exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.

Any questions about the new brand / direction of my studio, please let me know and if you need help with your goals, please feel free to contact me.

Our Latest Client Success Stories

Ive lost 12 lb since in 4 weeks, inches ive lost 6cm of my stomach and top of arms lost 2cm as well. I've dropped a clothes size gone from a 30 to a baggy 28 but not quite a 26 yet. Im feeling great on it where i relied on energy drinks for a boost i defo don't need them now! I'm getting active and I'm not as tired anymore. What ive found useful is definitely having a breakfast and im eating more now but its healthy eating. Also having the help and support of others has been great in th group


I've lost 1 stone 4 lbs and a good few inches of everywhere, I now don't mind photos and like my body, still not where I want to be yet but I know I will get there.

This is a really great place to train we are like a big family, it would be impossible to feel out of place or uncomfortable here as you are made to feel so welcome, we all get involved on Facebook and their is so much support for Gav and all the coaches in the studio and online.

I have learnt so much, especially how to eat a clean and healthy diet, which has not been difficult, just making small changes and understanding about what foods are best and their aren't any foods you can't eat it's just about moderation and you learn that actually you don't need certain unhealthy food everyday.

My energy levels, fitness and self esteem has all improved and I fell so much happier in myself. I actually love training and hate to miss a session.

Joining here was the best choice I have ever made and I would recommend it to everyone. I would even go as far as saying it's given me my life back.

My problem before was steady weight gain despite an active lifestyle that made me answer the Facebook dark knight challenge in 2014 (seems ages ago) I wanted to up my training for an upcoming iron man triathlon. Looking back now I would say clever food and weights were missing from the plan
I like the inclusiveness of the sessions, everyone helps each other out, you can have a blast and the atmosphere is always positive. Lots of like minded people, I have made a couple of good friends
Now came back slowly after a broken leg skiiing but now just getting the foot down, weight is currently static, but inches dropping, strength increasing and cardio is returning. I am pleased with latter part this year and have a clear focus for next year which encourages me to leave it all the sessions every night, if I could give another round I haven't trained hard enough thank you
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